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Studio Frankie B offers a range of lamp bases and lampshades that are individual in every way. All are handmade and all are exclusive to Studio Frankie B. 


About Us

Studio Frankie B is the creation of Frances Calvert. Frances was born in the U.K and was always surrounded by colour and pattern, inspired by her mother, Eve, a textile designer.  Frances has lived in Australia since 1989, where she initially worked in Melbourne at the iconic Georges Store as a consultant decorator.  In 1993 she set up her interior decorating company and in 2014 decided to focus on lamp bases and lampshades; leading to the creation of Studio Frankie B.


Today Studio Frankie B is located on a farm near Lismore, in South West Victoria.  It is here that Frances makes the lampshades and the wooden lamp bases are stained or painted and finally, waxed.  The stoneware pots are created by potter Graeme Bentley in Geelong, which are then converted into the beautiful stoneware lamp bases.  Graeme’s work is highly skilled and Frances is very proud of this collaboration.


The fabrics used to create Studio Frankie B’s lampshades are linens sourced from Belgium, handwoven silks from Thailand, batiked linens from Indonesia and hand blocked cottons from Jaipur, India.  As with the bases, all the fabrics are made by skilled artisans. No two finished products are the same. 


A beautiful lamp base paired with a gorgeous lampshade will give a presence and an intimacy to your room.  The light that they give reveals texture in the weave, creates patterns and gives depth.

In an age of mass production, Frances hopes to share with you products that celebrate centuries old craft skills, proudly show the hand of the maker and convey the aesthetic behind her brand.


Frances working in her studio

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